Clean and Green

Clean and Green

As one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Coast and the biggest craft market in Australia, The Original Eumundi Markets is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to creating a sustainable shopping experience.    

In 2010 our market begun the steps to become PLASTIC BAG FREE, with stallholders encouraged to use compostable packaging materials.   

This is to complement our extensive waste management system which separates waste into landfill, recycling, and compost bins.  We really encourage our visitors to 'think before they bin it' to ensure that we are reducing our landfill and carbon output.   

We’re particularly proud of a worm farm (vermiculture system) run in conjunction with Eumundi State School.  All compostable waste generated by the market is processed by the worm farm (8 commercial size bins and many thousands of worms). The by-products (organic fertiliser and castings) are then sold by the school and at the markets.    

Together we can make a difference!


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