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10 Reasons You Need More Art In Your Life


Earth without art is just eh. 

Whether you’re behind the paintbrush or simply admiring it, we all need more art in our lives. Here’s 10 reasons to paint the town red, yellow, green, blue and every other colour, shade and tone in between.   

1. It’s a form of meditation

In today’s fast-paced digital world, taking time to stop and focus on the present moment is more difficult than nailing a headstand at yoga class. Art, however, helps the brain zone out from distractions and zone in on nothing but the movements within a canvas… or on your own skin. Get lost in the swirls, dots and glitter at Divine Henna’s skin art at the Original Eumundi Markets every Wednesday on 1st Railway Ave and Saturday on the Lower Terrace. Or witness live sketches unfold by talented caricaturist and artist DJH Arts. Namaste.

2. It stimulates a different kind of thinking

Reading textbooks or solving math equations are skills which give us good grades on a piece of paper, but art inspires thought beyond the facts. It engages the viewer to consider symbolism, ask questions and learn on a visual level.

Check out Fox & Doll Baby's thought provoking pieces from abstracts to portraits, still life and caricatures at the Original Eumundi Markets every Saturday and Wednesday on 1st Railway Ave.

3. It’s a whole new form of communication

Art says things even words cannot say. It’s a universal language, and it doesn’t stop at paintings. Music has the same affect. So what do you got when you combine music with art? Bottleneck Blues. These charming three string guitars are hand built using genuine cigar boxes and quality Australian tone woods. With zero words, 100 per cent creativity and a powerfully authentic blues sound, these pieces of art speak to the soul. Hear them every Saturday at the Original Eumundi Markets near the food court.

4. Art can make work more enjoyable

No body works well in a space they dislike, so turn that hate into decorate and add pieces of art to boost your mood, creativity and overall energy. We can’t guarantee a promotion, but we can guarantee a brighter 9-5 life.

Check out the coffee-inspired art pieces from Surfer Delic’s vintage metal sign collection every Saturday at the Original Eumundi Markets on 1st Railway Ave. They are the second best office addition (after coffee, of course).

5. Art adds a personalised touch to your home

Don’t stop at office décor, get arty at home and make your life stylish door to door. Think beyond hanging up a canvas or two and add artistic flare throughout your home with charming ceramic homewares from Spun Mud, funky cushions by Tracey Keller or laser cut and engraved wooden coasters by Red Peg Laser.

6. Colour creates moods

What do you feel when you see golden arches on a red backdrop? Happy-go-hungry?

Sure, a Big Mac is super addictive with special sauce on top, but colour theories suggest seeing yellow makes us happy while red signals hunger. Mind. Blown.

There is so much more to colours than the basics we learn in preschool. For example: green makes us calmer, blue promotes honesty while purple sparks creativity and mystery. Basically, if you want to renovate an entire space full of positive vibes, add some of Pepi Wren’s vibrant pieces to your walls for an instant mood brightener. You’ll find Pepi’s colourful pieces at the Original Eumundi Markets every Saturday on the Lower Terrace.

7. Mother Nature approves

If you’re prone to having the TV going in the background, for earths’ sake, get some energy efficient art. Hanging up visual pleasing pieces of art on your wall has a zero-carbon footprint. So please, keep the TV for movie nights, Friends re-runs or a Game of Thrones binge and leave the background graphics up to the environmentally friendly widescreens.

8. Support local

If you’re looking for a limited edition piece of art, look no further than the Original Eumundi Markets. The creative folk of the Sunshine Coast flock to these markets every Wednesday and Saturday to show off their handcrafted goodies meaning every piece of art you buy, you are supporting the artist directly. Shop local to keep money within the Sunshine Coast to generate more income for the local economy. Not to mention, local art has a unique Sunshine Coast-inspired character you cant find anywhere else in the world.

9. It brings out your creative side

Creativity is contagious. The more you surround yourself with art, the more your creative side will blossom. Allowing our creative side to run wild opens up an entire new world of thinking and problem-solving. It gives us the courage to try new ideas all while acknowledging and celebrating our uniqueness. Wear a touch of creativity on your heart with an original piece of jewellery made from dichroic glass from Art in Glass at the Original Eumundi Markets.

10. Doing it genuinely makes you feel good

Art is the prettiest antidepressant yet. Unleashing your inner artist allows you to express emotions rather than bottle them up. Get lost in the rhythms, strokes, colours, textures and fine lines as you sketch your mind to a clearer and healthier path. In need of an extra boost? Add one of the wooden signs engraved with inspirational quotes from Spoken Shop every Saturday in the Loop at the Original Eumundi Markets and be reminded daily to “enjoy the simple things,” “in a gentle way, you can shake the world,” or “but first, coffee.” Now that’s inspiration talking.


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