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15 Thoughts Every Market-Goer Has Had


Visited the Original Eumundi Markets lately?

Well you can relate.

Here's 15 thoughts every market-goer has had.

1. How many stalls are here and where do I start?
Answer: just under 300 stalls and Lonergan Lane is a good place to start. There's coffee there.

2. I wish my house looked like that stall.
And that stall, and that stall, and that one....

3. Are they cupcakes or soap?
Verdict: soap. Please don't eat them.

4. My gosh, that dog is cute.
Dog friendly markets are my favourite markets.

5. Is it lunchtime yet?
It's probably 10.30am but there is roti. It's always a good time for roti.

6. Now where are those potato slinky's everyone is holding?

7. Oh my gosh, there is a fairy.
Wait, she's just got glitter henna.

8. I wonder how much food I can eat in one day?
If I just loosen my belt...

9. I've been walking all morning, yes I can totally have that homemade fudge.
Worth it.

10. I'm never eating again.

11. Is that salted caramel popcorn?

12. How do those wooden hangers hold pot plants?

13. There's a cheese board with dedicated holes for dips.
Platter time just got a whole lot more #instaworthy.

14. Wooden bow ties!
Genius. Absolute genius.

15. There's beer tokens here. This place just got 100 times better.


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