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Simple Ways To Warm Up Your Home This Winter


Winter, is that you?

While it may not feel like winter for us geographically blessed Aussies, you can still embrace the cooler months with some warm and cosy decor.

Here are 7 ways to warm up your home this winter.

1. Add some spark 

The soft illumination of candlelight not only creates a warm and cosy space, it also helps soothe the soul by reducing stress. The constant flickering of low light sends a soothing, meditative signal to the brain allowing us to calm down and feel at peace.

The soul-enriching, handcrafted collection of candles at Hot Flame Ingo create the perfect warming atmosphere.

Handmade using a variety of bio-degradable natural waxes, uncover the different benefits from bees wax, palm wax, vegetable based soy was and more.

2. Welcome to the woods
There is no such thing as too much wood. With a variety of finishes and tones, wood brings a warm cabin feel with coastal vibes.

Add it to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, outdoor living area… anywhere.

There’s plenty of wooden finds at the Original Eumundi Markets. Woodturner Peter Farkas has a stunning collection of wooden bowls, vases, urns, lazy Susan’s, and more. Get lost in the hanging laser cut decorations from Red Peg Laser. Have a laugh at Larrikin Signs hand graved Australian hardwood signs. Or make wood part of the furniture with Bushlocks recycled hardwood timber island benches.

3. Warm up the lighting 

Imagine if golden hour lasted longer than, well, an hour.

We have good news for you. With the help of Art in Clay by Kiki, it totally can.

Kiki’s ceramic lamps embody all things earthy and bright. Allowing light to peek through handcrafted holes, these lamps give off a golden glow any time of the day or night.

4. Get steamy in the bathroom

If you haven’t already embraced the bathtub over the cooler months, you’re missing out.

Create a relaxing oasis in your very own bathroom and indulge in some Oska and Willow.

This chemical-free body and bath collection includes soaps, bath bombs, bath milks, essential oil room sprays, hand and body wash, lip balms, and organic hand-rolled beeswax candles.

All ingredients are natural and designed to nourish, moisturise and sooth the skin.

5. Go natural
Warm, earthy colours can make a large room appear more intimate and homely while remaining modern and sleek.

Heritage Linen have nailed the earthy look (and feel) with 100% cotton Damask bed and table linen.

The creamy tones and linen texture are neutral enough to be paired with bright décor yet can blend in with natural materials like stone, wood or marble.

6. Get arty
A room surrounded by bare walls can create a cold and uninviting space. The solution? Art.

The impact wall art has on a home is underrated. It’s welcoming, warm, creates character and can be easily swapped and changed giving a room a fresh new look without renovating.

For a serious statement, check out the contemporary fine art from Kookaburra Copper. These creative designs go beyond the canvas with handcrafted copper shaped and positioned to create stunning, on-of-a-kind pieces.

7. Plant some (indoor) trees
Who doesn’t adore indoor plants? Not only do they look good, natural greens bring a calming, stress-free vibe as well as an abundance of health benefits. Green-ify your home with Simply Japanese Bonsai.

Bonsai has long been respected for their ability to re-energise and draw life energies into a room. Like most indoor plants, Bonsai can help purify the air and fight fatigue, sore throats, a cough, and rejuvenate dry skin.

All they ask is for in return is a little TLC.

Speak with Japanese Bonsai tree specialist, Michael, about the best Bonsai tree to keep indoors and how to look after it.


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