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A Vegan Road Trip



A vegan road trip around the Original Eumundi Markets.

So, you’re vegan.

Not one of those part-time vegans who orders the most colourful plant-based bowl on the menu just to fill your friends feed with clean eating inspo (followed by a cheeky litre of cookies and cream… #oops.)

You’re the real deal.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve mapped out a vegan smorgasbord at the Original Eumundi Markets so you can walk straight past the kebab shop and into some plant-powered, lentil loving and all kinds of green and grainy goodness. Dig in.

1.Brazilian Tapioca

Health nuts should tap into this. Basically, a tapioca is the Brazilian take on a sanga, only better.

Made from the starch extract from the cassava plant, native to South America, then stuffed with your favourite fillings, the tapioca team at the Original Eumundi Markets won’t let you leave the markets hungry.

Their vegan tapioca is jampacked with hummus, mushroom, dried tomato, olives, red onion and spinach. This is what vegan dreams are made of, Brazilian style. Delicioso!

Find them in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

2.Eco Nuts Australia

If you’re too afraid to join the vegan bandwagon due to a love affair with cheese, we totally understand. But to throw a curveball in the animal welfare vs cheese dilemma, turns out macadamia nuts make a delicious vegan-friendly cheese.

That’s right, the humble macadamia is officially a vegan’s best friend. Just blend 1 ¼ cup raw macadamias, juice of ½ a lemon, 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, ½ tsp garlic salt and ¼ cup water until a thick cheese-like paste forms.

If you’re a recently converted vegan with a dark cheesy past, get those platter goals back up and running and stock up on the raw, organic macadamias at Eco Nuts Australia.
Simon and Cath are the duo behind Eco Nuts Australia (aka your new heroes) and they’re like the nutty professors of macadamias.
They know where to source the freshest local macadamias then season them with a mouth-watering range of flavours along with raw options.

While macadamias are their main squeeze, they don’t discriminate and source other Australian and organic varieties from Tassie walnuts, South Australian almonds, Kingaroy peanuts, local pecans and a nut-load more.

Find Simon and Cath on the 2nd Railway Ave every Wednesday and Saturday.

3.Banana Man Gary

To most omnivores, bananas are a tasty addition to a healthy diet. To most vegans, bananas are life. The curvelicious fruit is super versatile, vegan approved, naturally sweet and loaded like a yellow gun of nutritional bullets. Take a leaf out of Gwen Stefani’s book, there is No Doubt bananas are the $#!%.

If you too could never split with the humble nana, make sure you visit fellow banana lover and grower Gary at the Original Eumundi Markets. Banana Man Gary grows the freshest local bananas including cavendish, goldfinger, lady finger, red daccas and plantain.

Vegan banana nice-cream here we come. Nice Gary, niiiice!

Find Gary in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday.

4.Essential Grain Bakery

Considering veganism is based around the simple philosophy of refraining consumption of animal products, it’s no surprise vegans are more aware of the process their food goes through. When it comes to bread, the same principles apply.

Enter: The Essential Grain Bakery. Making the ingredients and process simple, the artisan bakers behind Essential Grain Bakery use the traditional yeast-free sourdough method. Specialising in sourdough, they’ve got loafs more specialty breads fresh from the oven such as Turkish pide, panini and ciabatta. Every loaf is preservative and sugar free and most are made with organic flour.

Finally, a bread that doesn’t get put in the naughty corner. Pass the jam.

Find them in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

5.Raw & Co. Smoothie Bar

Who said veganism is all greens and no confetti? Add some sparkle to your day with a vegan smoothie from Raw & Co. Smoothie Bar.

Chef Dean Buckingham celebrates health and wellness by only using quality, fresh local produce. His health-driven smoothies are dairy-free, made with natural ingredients, packed with superfoods and of course, vegan. Basically, they are a party for your taste buds minus the horrid hangover.

Add a punch of RAW protein powder, goji berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds or maca powder to take your vegan beverage to vegan brilliance. Bottoms up.

Find Dean in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

6.Potato Slinky

Potato, potatah… however you pronounce it, there’s no denying the humble spud is one of life’s simple pleasures. Lucky for vegans, they are 100 percent animal friendly. And lucky for Sunshine Coast locals and visitors, the original Potato Slinky is at the Original Eumundi Markets every Saturday. Get your weekly hot potato fix with a quirky twist. Potato slinkies are simply a spiral potato fried on a stick then dusted with Himalayan salt (or chicken salt for the non-vegans).

UNCONFIRMED FACT: Potato’s served as a slinky taste better.

Find them in the Canecutter’s section every Saturday.


Would you trust a burger from a non-vegan chef? Didn’t think so. Lucky Eric from Hempburger lives, breathes and devours the vegan life too. He knows what vegans want, and boy-oh-boy has a delivered.
Serving up handmade vegan burgers, wraps and salads, not only are they super delicious, his 100 percent plant-based menu is 100 percent good for you.

Harnessing energy from natural food sources for protein, fat, carbohydrates and fibre as well as an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you’ll feel like you’re on a high after munching on one of Eric’s concoctions.

Please note the word hemp does not imply any special side effects associated with consuming a meal from Hempburger. In fact, hemp seeds have recently been legalised for consumption in Australia due to its low THC (the hallucinogenic component found in marijuana). Meaning? You can’t get high from consuming Australian hemp seeds. Hemp is high in other things including protein, essential amino acids and essential fats. Hemp, hemp, hooray!

Find Eric in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

8.Sunshine Coast Farm Foods

What’s a vegan to do when the non-vegan squad is having a picnic?

Don’t miss out on a grazing good time, join in with some delicious stuff from Sunshine Coast Farm Foods.
If it’s locally grown and made, they’ve got it. The vegan-friendly guide to this stall includes handmade organic crackers, quince paste and other condiments, freshly baked breads as well as seasonal fruit and veg such as dragon fruit, passionfruit, finger limes, pineapples and mangoes.

Team all this with some homemade cheese using macadamias from Eco Nuts Australia (see point two for recipe) and chuck it all on a handmade anti-fungal and anti-bacterial wooden board from Australian Cutting Board found along 1st Railway Ave on Wednesdays and 3rd Terrace on Saturdays. Now that’s an epic vegan picnic bought to you by the one, the only, the Original Eumundi Markets.

Find them in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

9.The Olive Man

Missing something on that grazing platter? The Olive Man would not be impressed to find an olive-less picnic so before you leave the markets, grab a tub of the salty suckers too complete your vegan spread.  The Olive Man’s divine range includes gourmet stuffed olives as well as more traditional favourites like Sicilian and Kalamata. 

If you’re feeling like a next-level flavour explosion, try the marinated olives. From chilli and garlic infused to Mediterranean inspired, lemon and garlic, kumquat and bush lemon or balsamic with mixed herbs, the hardest part is deciding on what flavour you want. Fear not, The Olive Man will happily mix any flavours which take your fancy.

Find him in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

10.Eumundi Fresh Juice

So, you’ve eaten your way around the Original Eumundi Markets plus you’ve got enough food to feed a picnic of plenty. Thirsty? Wash it all down with a market favourite for over 30 years, Eumundi Fresh Juice.

Make your own blend from a choice of fresh orange, pineapple, watermelon, rockmelon, apple, strawberries (in season), carrot, celery, kale, cucumber and beetroot. Freshen things up with some mint or feel the zing from ginger.

Using the latest technology in juicing, all juices served at Eumundi Fresh Juice retain all the natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and enzymes.
It’s not hard to be vegan when it tastes and feels this good.

Find them in the Railway Building every Wednesday and Saturday.


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