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Eumundi Markets vs The Beach


It's the age-old summer dilemma: beach or markets?

Beach please, the Original Eumundi Markets are where it's at this summer.

Here's 8 reasons why a summers day at the Original Eumundi Markets beats a day spent wiping the sand out of your eyes.

1. Sand. Case closed.

2. The Original Eumundi Markets are only on Wednesdays 8am til 1.30pm and Saturdays 7am til 2pm. The beach is on 24/7. Although we don't recommend going for a dip at midnight, we do recommend making the most of the limited time to visit the markets. The beach will always be there, just go after the markets. Duh.

3. You'll fee more energised post markets compared to the draining post sun 'can't-be-bothered' type feels.

4. Have you seen Jaws? The only danger at the Original Eumundi Markets is walking past Donut Kitchen.

5. Speaking of donuts (yum) eating a gluten free cinnamon donut at the beach would result in sand with a side of donut. Nobody needs that in their life. NOBODY.

6. Did we mention how much we HATE sand?

7. You may even get your Christmas shopping done.  What will you achieve at the beach all day? If you answered, 'a tan' read on. (FYI there's nothing healthy about a tan).

8. Sun safety first kids! It's a lot harder to stay protected at the beach than it is walking under the shady trees hovering over the Original Eumundi Markets. You'll thank us later.



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