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Humans Of Eumundi - Merrie Tompkins


The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of family.

For Merrie Tompkins, her family goes beyond her two beautiful daughters.

Merrie has been a member of the Original Eumundi Markets family since 1993.

She is, indeed, one of the originals.

“The lifetime friendships that I have formed at the Original Eumundi Markets is the most treasured thing that comes out of spending time here every weekend,” Merrie said.

Originally from Sydney, Merrie moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1993 out of chance. Little did she know she was moving into a world of new possibilities and lifelong friendships.

“Out of the blue, my then 10-year-old daughter asked if we could move to Noosa,” Merrie explained.

“We had never been here before, but we fell in love with the place as soon as we arrived.”

With an already established passion and talent for ceramics, Merrie joined the Original Eumundi Markets to sell her products and meet new people.

Merrie’s love for ceramic art ignited in 1988.

Merrie’s mother used to make porcelain dolls and she remembers waiting in the car while her mother would fire her work.

One day, Merrie went inside and what she saw changed her career path for good.

It was like love at first sight - she was hooked.

She realised ceramic art wasn’t just about creating dolls. Today, her collection of plates, bowls, vases, cups, pot plants and other stunning home wares come from a place of creativity, passion and the heart.

“I have changed my style quiet a few times over the years, this keeps me from getting stuck,” Merrie said.

At the moment, selling her works at the markets is only a small part of Merrie’s ceramic art business.

Merrie also teaches pottery, organises and runs many clay projects throughout the year, and travels internationally as an invited artist to symposiums and exhibitions.

With a lot on her plate, Merrie says her true passion remains where it all began that day at her mother’s studio – wood firing.

“I love spending time in my studio making whatever I feel like, and then coming to markets to sell them and interact with the public,” Merrie said.

“The feedback from visitors on my work feeds the soul. It inspires me to create.”

While her inspiration grows, as does her passion.

Merrie says her treasured market family is what keeps her coming back year after year, decade after decade.

“I have watched all the market babies (including my own) grow up and I’ve observed how the markets have taught all of these children to become creative, successful adults,” Merrie said.

“It’s just so heart warming.”

Direct family or not, there’s no denying the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.


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