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Humans of Eumundi - Peter Farkas


Still haven't booked that holiday? Stuck in a job you loathe? Or perhaps you've just been 'too busy' to spend time with the family?

If all this sounds too familiar, meet Peter Farkas.

One day Peter was working away in his Pomona studio, the next he was sitting with his wife Heike in her oncologist’s office with life-changing news.

It’s a situation nobody wants to face, but it’s moments like this which make you realise what truely matters. And looking back on their journey so far, the Farkas family have no regrets.

“Life’s short and following your dreams is important,” Peter said.

For Peter, the dream is to turn wood into stunning bowls, vases and platters overlooking the picturesque Coast hinterland from his very own studio. And that exactly what he’s doing.

But as Peter and Heike know all too well, life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. And the Farkas journey has been just as magic.

“I first met my wife at high school aged 13, my lucky number,” Peter reflected.

With a lucky charm from day dot, the high school sweethearts lived in Tasmania for three years before travelling the country in search of a new (and warmer) place to call home.

Landing in Darwin, Peter pursued his creative side and found a love for photography.

Starting off in retail photography with some studio work, Peter went on to be a professional photographer with the NT Department of Education as the Department's Senior photographer, followed by 13 years with the Department of Health as the Clinical Photographer at Royal Darwin Hospital.

After a total of 35 years taking snaps, Peter’s passion for photography started to dry up.

“It was becoming a bit of a grind,” he explained.

“The photography was largely strict brief and just pictorial, not much creativity. I needed a creative outlet, so I tried woodturning.”

And just like that, Peter left behind what was making him unhappy and started a new and exciting venture, The Woodturner.

“We also felt we needed a lifestyle change, somewhere a little cooler and in the country with a view,” Peter said.

The Sunshine Coast was calling their name and in 2006, Peter and Heike moved to the hinterland, 9km out from Pomona.

“The Original Eumundi Markets had an influence on our decision to move here as well,’ Peter added. “As an outlet for my woodworking.”

Woodturning aside, Peter and Heike are so glad they moved to the Sunshine Coast and opted for a change in lifestyle because our time on this earth really is short, and it’s not worth living a life of ‘what ifs.’

Today, Peter and Heike can look back at their journey and smile.

And they’ve got a lot more to smile about.

“Heike has been assured by her oncologist she will be well on the road to recovery over the next month or so,” Peter smiled.

Perhaps it’s their lucky number 13, or perhaps they’ve made their own luck by working hard and following their dreams.

Whatever it may be, ask yourself this question: What are your dreams?


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