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Humans of Eumundi - Richard Ey


In a world of hashtags, likes and followers.... is true human connection lost?

Not for Richard Ey. 

Richard made headlines in 2015 for his kind-hearted gesture when cancer patient, Linda Hennessey, visited his Eys Pens stall at the Original Eumundi Markets. 

“When cancer survivor, Linda, came to my stall, she was in a bad way. Going through chemotherapy etc,” Richard explained.

“Hoping to brighten her day a little, I gave her a pen that was inscribed around the band with “Faith, Hope & Love”.

“It brought a smile to her face, which was lovely to see. She revisited around twelve months later to tell me just how much she had appreciated my kind gesture.”

It may have been a small act for Richard, but it resonated with Linda. And Richard’s wife Colleen said it was the kind of act Richard did all the time.

Having lived and travelled to some of the most remote places in the world including Antarctica, the Sahara Desert and he even spent eight years at sea sailing the Pacific, it’s safe to say Richard knows the importance of human connection.

In fact, the very reason he pursued his business, Eys Pens, was to connect with people.

“After retiring from my job as an engineering Project Manager, I needed something to keep me busy and mixing with people,” Richard said.

Richard’s son Glenn, who was living in Brisbane, turned a few pens as a hobby and Richard decided to sell them for his son at the Eudlo Hall Market.

He quickly realised there was a market for handcrafted pens and began turning them himself as a hobby.

“I really enjoyed the interaction with locals and tourists at Caloundra Markets, where I had a stall for a couple of years before deciding I would give the Original Eumundi Markets a try,” Richard said.

“The staff and stall holders there all made me very welcome and I appreciate the family atmosphere of the Original Eumundi Markets. I have been part of this family now for nearly nine years.”

What started as a hobby crafting pens from mainly wood and acrylic, today Richard creates pens made from a variety of materials.

Computer circuit board certainly created a talking point, while marble, turquoise, onyx and carbon fibre are also very popular.

“I’m always looking for exotic timbers and have pens made from Bethlehem olive wood, ancient bog oak from England, and kauri pine (the oldest timber in the world), from New Zealand. I also have a range of mens razors with handcrafted timber handles,” Richard added.

“My stall has around two dozen different types of pens, and displays over 200 at any time.”

But the best part about buying one of Richard’s pens?

The act of giving it to someone else.

“I think when someone receives a pen as a gift, they will think of the person who gave it to them every time they use that pen,” Richard said.

And that human connection is the best gift you can give.


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