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Wellness Guide: 7 Steps To A Healthier 2019


Are you in need of some health and wellness inspiration for 2019?

Well, you’re on the right page.

Don’t worry – we’re not advocating any crazy diets or unrealistic workout routines.

In stead, we’re focusing on simple, wholesome and genuine daily tips for a healthier life.

Here are 7 things to focus on each day of the week for a healthier and happier year ahead.

Sunday: Sleep.

Sleep is the new black.

Sleep quality is so important for all aspects of life. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine gives us more energy, increases fitness, controls appetite, improves work performance, boosts brainpower and so much more.

Sleep is just as important as eating well and exercising.

Unfortunately, modern day lifestyles are interfering with our natural sleep patterns making snoozeville harder to visit. (We’re looking at you smartphones and Netflix).

If you need an extra boost to get to sleep and stay asleep, check out the range of natural and effective products at The Australian Sleep Co.

With a solution for all ages – from babies to the elderly - The Australian Sleep Co. avoids using any nasty chemicals so you won’t wake up the following day feeling drowsy.

Wake up feeling refreshed, healthy and ready to kick goals.

Monday: Mind.

On average, one in four Australian’s will experience anxiety at some point in their life and one in seven Australian’s will experience depression during their lifetime.

The statistics are too large to ignore. Make your mental health - and the mental health of those around you - a priority.

There are many ways to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Following a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting quality sleep remain the core lifestyle habits for a healthy mind.

Unfortunately, modern-day stresses such as busy schedules and social media have been linked to poor mental health. It’s vital we take some time out from our busy lives to de-stress and rejuvenate the mind.

Book yourself in for a guilt-free personal day at the Original Eumundi Markets. Have a massage at Wendy Sugars Aromatherapist and Reflexology, buy some relaxing essential oils from Ganesa Incense and get lost in the meditative motions of Divine Henna Design.

Tuesday: Nutrition.

What you put into your body is what you get out of it.

Not only does a healthy diet make us look and feel great, it has the power to protect us from certain types of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, skeletal conditions and more.

Instead of restricting certain food groups in a bid to lose weight, focus on eating a variety of whole foods in their most natural form.

Ten Acres Farm is an artisan bakery with a focus on wholesome, slow food. Their old-fashioned sourdough is lovingly handcrafted right here on the Sunshine Coast with local, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

So their bread doesn’t get lonely, Ten Acres Farm also sells a variety of handmade marmalades, as well as organically grown garlic, citrus and seasonal cut flowers.

Get your fruit and veggie dose at Eumundi Fresh Juice. An Original Eumundi Market favourite for over 30 years, Eumundi Fresh Juice uses the latest technology in juicers to keep all the natural vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes from their fruit and veggies.

Wednesday: Exercise.

We all know exercise is great to get the blood flowing, build muscle strength, slim down and tone up.

But when all is said and done, working on your fitness is hard work.

If you need an energy boost to get moving, we’ll let you in on a local secret.

Noosa Cane Juice is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes keeping you hydrated and giving you a major boost of energy to attack fitness goals.

Oh, and it tastes as good as being fit feels.

Thursday: The Environment.

The only throwback Thursday we should care about is the state of our planet.

On estimate, more than 81 million kilograms of plastic waste is polluted into the ocean each year. Our coral reefs are smothered in plastic bags, turtles are choking on straws, and fish and seabirds are starving because their bellies are so full of plastic they can’t eat real food.

Not only are our sea creatures suffering, but the future for human health and food security is in danger.

Do your bit for the planet and future generations and say no to plastic.

Bee Eco Wraps are an earth friendly alternative for plastic wrap and bags. Locally hand-made kitchen wraps certified from the Global Organic Textile Standard, Bee Eco Wraps’ organic fabric is infused with local and sustainably farmed beeswax, tree resin, cold-pressed jojoba oil and organic coconut oil.

This blend of natural ingredients have been carefully selected for their antibacterial and preservative qualities to keep food fresher and full of flavour all while saving the environment.

Friday: Relationships.

In a so-called connected world of online communication, the power of human touch has been overlooked.

While social media has been proven to lower self-esteem and contribute towards poor mental health, face-to-face social relationships do the opposite.

Good friends are good for your health and wellbeing. Social relationships have the power to decrease stress, increase your sense of belonging, boost happiness, and even help you cope with personal trauma, illness or grief.

Make time for all your treasured relationships. Catch up with a friend for lunch, host a family dinner or make Friday night date night with the significant other. Your heart and health will thank you.

Saturday: Skincare.

Our skin is our largest organ. When it’s healthy and strong, it gives our insides the best possible barrier against toxins from the outside.

When our skin is not looked after, it comes as no surprise we are more vulnerable to infection.

Give your skin some TLC with Blossom Bodycare.

Using only natural and organic ingredients, Blossom Bodycare protects you from harsh chemicals from the inside out.

Their effective recipes are guided by the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna traditions.

Whether you’re after some chemical-free deodorant, protective sun cream, after sun gel, acne scrub, face cleanser, healthy tea, or even cotton pants - the only thing your skin will be smothered in at Blossom Bodycare is organic love.


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