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Stuart is very proud of his unique locally handcrafted cutting boards, and know theirs to be superior to some of the other cutting boards on the market.

He starts with a slab of kiln dried Camphor Laurel, which is cracked and rough, and doesn’t look like much to start with! From this, he creates cutting boards which are unusual shapes and sizes. All the boards are made in one piece and contain no glue and no laminating.

He also add dipping holes and handles to turn a board into a serving platter for that special occasion. Some of the boards are laser engraved with uplifting messages. Stuart offers engraving as a service to customers, who would like to make that board a special memento for the bride and groom, the engaged couple, a house warming gift or a gift with thought for a birthday.

All the boards are reasonably priced, and Stuart is passionate about the anti fungal and anti bacterial qualities of the timber. He'd like everyone in Australia to use a camphor laurel cutting board as it is the healthy way to go!

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