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On Lonergan Lane

On Lonergan Lane

Bee Eco Wraps are an earth friendly replacement for disposable plastic wrap and bags. An old fashioned solution that feels miraculous in the modern world!

Locally hand-made cloth kitchen wraps from GOTS certified organic fabric infused with local, sustainably farmed beeswax, tree resin; local, cold pressed jojoba oil and organic coconut oil. A blend of ingredients carefully selected from nature for their antibacterial and preservative qualities.

Bee Eco Wraps allow your food to breathe, slowing down the rate of decomposition to maximise the life and flavour of your food.

Bee Eco is flexible! Malleable at room temperature, Bee Eco Wraps stiffen when cooled, holding the shape you created. Use the warmth and pressure of your hands to fold and seal around a bowl or wrap up half an avocado.

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