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On the Lower Terrace

Divine Henna Design offers you an experience of an ancient form of adornment that has been used for personal expression, beautification and ritual for thousands of years. Divine Henna uses 100% natural, organic henna and features contemporary and traditional designs from India to North Africa and everywhere in between.

Founder and primary artist, Nicki, draws upon 14 years' experience as a henna artist, and a B.A. in Visual Art. All designs are original by Nicki. Henna kits, henna paste and henna powder for hair dye and body art can be purchased and Nicki is always willing and happy to share her knowledge and expertise with henna beginners and enthusiasts.

Divine Henna Design also provides reliable and beautiful results for your special moment, wedding, pregnancy or event.

All photographs where henna appears black are at the initial paste stage. The result is a red-brown to maroon. Black henna is dangerous to skin and general health and its use is not condoned by Divine Henna Design.

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