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Helen's first moisturizer was made from natural ingredients in the kitchen, bathroom and garden.

The 14 natural ingredients used in the XMA cream are nut, seed and plant extracts.

Samples of the XMA cream were used by the nurses at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, where Helen worked, and it was realised by the nurses that XMA was clearing up their dermatitis and eczema skin problems.

The product is now listed with the Therapeautic Goods Association as an over-the-counter medicine and has helped people with symptoms and side effects of conditions including psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, cradle cap, insect bites, burns, lupus rash, morphea, post-op tissue repair, teething rash, ulcerations and more.

While applying XMA Skin Therapy, the natural fragrance of sweet orange, lavender and chamomile will leave you feeling serene and balanced. So, take a deep breath and feel the therapeutic benefits start working inside and out!

XMA Skin Therapy is available at Eumundi Markets and through practitioners only.

P.S. And make sure you check out the Aviation Hydration cream - the perfect solution for your thirsty skin when flying!

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