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In the Canecutter's Section

In the Canecutter's Section

Looking for something a little naughty?

Something to perhaps make your hangover a little happier?

This is Langos, THE most popular Hungarian street food and popular all over Europe!

To take the guilt away, Elke fries her yeast dough in rice bran oil to get a hot and crispy, non-oily flat base called Langos.  Customers have a big variety of options to decorate their Langos:

. For the savoury: sour cream, cheese, garlic, mushrooms, onions, European stile bacon
. For the sweet tooth:  apple sauce, strawberry jam, cinnamon & sugar, Nutella & banana
. To keep warm in the winter season, try the original Hungarian Goulash soup (very lean beef, green beans, paprika, tomatoes, vegetables and Hungarian spices) served with a baguette and sour cream (optional).

Discover Langos - and you'll be back for more!

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