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Handcrafted by Kareena (with lots of love and care), MY SOAP are unique natural soaps made with essential oils designed to inspire, calm and make every day start with an uplifting experience.

Her wide range of soaps are made from highest quality of natural products that include:

- Rice bran oil - high in vitamin E , anti-oxidants and natural SPF;

- Local olive - a fantastic conditioner for the skin;

- Soya bean - assists in evening out skin tone;

- Coconut Oil - provides the soap with a rich lather and great body conditioner;

- Cottonseed oil - extremely high in moisturising qualities;

- Shea butter and coco butter - creamy and moisturising to provide repair.

Her range of goats milk soaps (fresh local Maleny goats milk is the base) are particularly moisturising and assist in the healing of eczema and psoriasis, and assist in evening skin tone. These are great for sensitive skin.

My Soap only support sustainable high quality products and do not support the use of PALM OIL or the production of this oil.

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