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Ready to hang on your wall! Surf inspired clocks handcrafted in Noosa.

Noosa Surf Clocks are just that - a range of epic little surf clocks handmade in Noosa. Every clock is handcrafted so you know for sure that your new piece of wall-candy is as unique as a snowflake!

Noosa Surf Clocks handcraft their clocks in various sizes; the First Point Range which are 95cm x 25cm longboard style in various shades from natural, turquoise, white washed and blue, the Tea Tree Range which are 70cm x 15cm longboard style, their A-Bay Range which is 75cm x 20cm longboard style, to the Boiling Pot Range which is 50cm x 15cm shortboard style.

You'll also find their Special Edition Surf-Inspired Creations; 4 hook surfboard, 5 shot glass surfboard (shot glasses included), 3 candle surfboard (candles included), to the Superclock and Horizontal or Vertical Washed Out White Surfboard Clock.

Chasing something unique? No problem! Chat to Tommy about a custom design!

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