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2018 Food Trends To Bite Into


The Upcoming Food Trends to Add to Your 2018 Grocery List.

After the smashed avo vs housing industry controversy, could the gold-like green stuff be getting smashed this year in flavour of mushies on toast?

With a new year brings an entire new menu. We've raided the kitchen pantries of nutritionists to bring you the upcoming health-food trends to add to your 2018 grocery list.

Super Powders 

Just when you thought ordering a smoothie over a donut was the healthiest choice ever (pause for a pat on the back), super powders like matcha, maca root, cacao, turmeric powder and spirulina are finding their way into blenders faster than Clark Kent can rip off his shirt. Fellow superhero, chef Dean Buckingham of Raw & Co Smoothie Bar, wears his apron-style-cape on the front by adding super powders such as maca or RAW protein powder to his health-driven smoothies. Find Dean at the Original Eumundi Markets in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

A Middle Eastern feast

Adios tacos, sayonara sushi, there’s a new cuisine on the map – Middle Eastern. We have already fallen head over taste buds for falafel, hummus and pita bread, now foodies are calling for even more of the flavours from Israel, Morocco, Syria and Lebanon to hit modern-day Australian menus. Expect to see ingredients like harissa, za’atar, parsley, pomegranate molasses, tahini and dried fruits.

Grab some Moroccan-inspired cushions and rugs from Boho Interiors by Jodi Perry to complete the Middle Eastern feast. Find Jodi at the Original Eumundi markets on the lower Terrace every Saturday.


Tacos come out of their shell

The taco has been riding high on the trendy-food scale for years, but now with the rise of Middle Eastern cuisine, the Mexican staple is in need of a serious makeover. We understand if dedicated taco advocates don’t wanna taco bout it, but the good news is the general flavours will remain the same, just with a little less corny-crunch. Yes, the taco is leaving the nest for more leafy greens to house its deliciousness. Try one of the generously filled burrito bowls with chilli con carne and Mexican toppings at Plaza Mexicana. You’ll find the amigos at the Original Eumundi markets in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

Transparent labelling

Lettuce ask you a question: Would you buy a mix bag of salad leaves if it’s packet didn’t have the Australian logo on it? An increase in awareness and attention paid to where our food comes from and how it was made is thankfully on the rise, and this year an even stronger push for transparent food labelling will make its mark. Frankly, it’s an ancient concept to the Original Eumundi Markets. In fact, since day one, every stall at the Original Eumundi Markets must go through a home-grown test, from food to homewears and everything in between. Basically, if it’s not proven to be homemade or homegrown, you won’t find it at the Original Eumundi Markets. Take the advantage to chat face-to-face with the stall owners, growers and bakers to see where their produce comes from and how it’s grown. It doesn’t get any more transparent than this.


It’s not hard dining out as a vegetarian or vegan anymore. And it’s getting easier with the rise of plant-based products. Familiarise yourself with this term, because it’s going to be spread on a lot more menus’ this year. It’s all thanks to advanced technology making plant-based burgers, nut milks and yogurts taste delicious. So delicious, even the most enthusiastic meat and dairy eaters can enjoy these products if they wish to cut back for health reasons, animal welfare or the environment.

Try a handmade plant-based burger, wrap or salad from Hempburgers and find out for yourself just how damn-good going meat-free tastes (and feels).

Get your Hempburger fix at the Original Eumundi Markets in the Canecutter’s section every Wednesday and Saturday.

Popping and puffing

If you can’t stop at one chip, here’s some good news. New developments in food technology are introducing healthy, I repeat, HEALTHY, cooking methods of our favourite potato snacks. And what are these innovative methods you ask? Puffed and popped snacks. Mind-popped? Chances are the build-up to this ‘revolutionary’ new cooking method just made you de-puff. And that’s probably because you’ve been snacking on M.A.D. Popcorn for years. Located on the Lower Terrace of the Original Eumundi Markets every Saturday, M.A.D. Popcorn stands for Make A Difference Popcorn, and it’s been madly all over the so-called latest popping trend for ages. On a serious note, these new methods of drying, crisping, and puffing all kinds of snacks such as pasta, rice, vegetables and even seaweed are revolutionizing party food for 2018. It’s worth a pop.


Things that are trending in 2018: The Commonwealth Games, the royal wedding and fungi.

Yes, you heard correctly. Brace yourselves for a shroom-boom. It may sound like old news if you’ve been adding the humble mushy to your stir-fry, omelette or steak on the daily, what’s new, however, is the fresh crop of varieties. Please welcome: reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane.

Check out the mushrooms in the Canecutters section at the Original Eumundi Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Fermented Food

Let’s all take a moment of silence for out guts. We fill them up with fat dripping this and processed that… with sugar on top. While we may have all intentions to treat our poor tummies better, sometimes our taste-buds play the devil on our shoulders and force those deep-fried chips covered in gravy into our mouths. Do some good for your gut and add fermented foods to your diet. Think kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt and pickled vegetables.

Do your gut proud and stock up on some fresh local Maleny Yoghurt from Raw & Co Smoothie Bar.


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