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40 Things To Do At The Original Eumundi Markets



40 years ago, an iconic event took place.

What happened that day under the trees along Memorial Drive has shaped not only the historic town of Eumundi, but the entire Sunshine Coast region.  

The Original Eumundi Markets gave local artists, farmers, bakers, sewers, innovators and entrepreneurs a hub. It gave locals a place to mingle and support their community. And it put the Sunshine Coast on the map.

It’s been a colourful 40 years of the Original Eumundi Markets.

What started with three stalls and eight shoppers has transformed into a must-visit destination drawing an annual 1.2million people.

Whether you visited the markets 40 years ago or last Saturday, there’s always something new to discover.

Here are 40 things to do, see, taste and enjoy at the Original Eumundi Markets this weekend.

Grab a coffee

If your birthstone is a coffee bean, we understand. Make caffeine the first thing you do and kick-start your weekend the right way with a glorious buzz from one of the specialist coffee stalls at the Original Eumundi markets.

Ok, now are you ready?

Save the earth

Looking for ways to reduce your single use plastic? Here at the Original Eumundi markets, sustainable choices are at the core of what we do.

Grab one of our canvas tote bags made from natural unbleached calico, refill your water bottle at the drinking fountain, buy some eco-friendly and reusable Bee Eco Wraps, and ditch single use takeaway coffee cups in favour of gorgeous handmade ones by local potter Kiki Vassiliou available at Bean & Gone.

Cuddle up to a piglet…

…Or a reptile. Wildlife HQ is now regularly hanging out at the Original Eumundi Markets and their furry, fluffy and even scaly animals give the best cuddles.

Jam out with Bottleneck Blues

Either the coffee has just kicked in or these three-string guitars are the coolest things ever! Handmade from genuine cigar boxes and quality Australian tone woods, we can confirm Bottleneck Blues are in fact, the coolest things. Ever.

Try a vegan burger

Whether you’ve been vegan for years or simply wish to make more sustainable food choices, try a meatless, organic and gluten-free burger at Hempburger. Using 100% plant-based ingredients, even the biggest meat-eating appetites will be impressed by the deliciousness of these bad boys.

Alkaline your body

Replacing acidic foods with alkaline ones is great for your health. Just ask Bernie from PHperfect. His alkaline water contains high antioxidants raising the PH levels and flooding your insides with amazing health benefits.

Known to aid weight loss, increase strength and endurance, assist mental clarity, as well as help fight against sickness such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, gout, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, psoriasis, eczema, acne, ADHD, sleeping disorders, skin problems, lack of energy and many more. Bottoms up.

Get your face painted

Let’s be frank, getting your face painted never gets old. Never.

Little (and big) kids love Face Painting by Jodie. She’s been painting faces at the markets since 1989, but she doesn’t stop there. Get your arm, shoulders or even back painted.

Indulge in some homemade fudge

Fudge Puddles are bringing fudge back. Locally made the traditional way, try one (or all) of their legendary flavours including; cashew nut crunch, Kahlua coffee, Toblerone, salted caramel, passion fruit, Russian Caramel, Baily’s, cookies and cream and more.

Green-ify your home

Let nature run its course and embrace foliage-inspired décor. There are loads of green accessories at the Original Eumundi Markets including Slate Ikebana Vases, Balls and Burners and Vertical Garden Hangers.

Get Grooving

Channelling our inner festival-vibes, the Original Eumundi Markets play stage to some of the best local musicians. Check out who’s performing next here.

Get a pair of custom-made sandals

Nothing says comfort like a custom-made pair of leather sandals. Ray Kelly from Nedz Sandals is the man to see. He’ll whip you up a dreamy pair of shoes to suit your footprint and style in the colour of your choice.

Try Cookie’s special pickle

Cookie is the head chef of Hermitage Fine Foods and her special pickle recipe is a must-try. In fact, all of Hermitage Fine Food’s pickles, jams, breads, and baked goods are that good– you’ll want to buy the entire stall!

Practice your hula

When was the last time you hula hooped? It’s a classic pastime that’s often underrated. Great for fitness and loads of fun, give the handmade hula-hoops at Noosa Hoops a whirl.

Embrace balance

Here at the Original Eumundi Markets, we’re all about balance. So you can have your warm, gooey donut with tempting fillings such as Nutella, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Custard and Jam and sip on your Eumundi Fresh Juice, guilt free.

Did we mention there‘s lots of market food?


Get your (gourmet) groceries

Eat from paddock to plate everyday of the week and support local farmers at Sunshine Coast Farm Foods. They’ve got artisan cheeses, cured meats, homemade butter, organic crackers, gourmet condiments and locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Load up on vitamins and minerals

Noosa Cane Juice is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, chromium, cobalt, copper, manganese and phosphorus, as well as containing iron and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. Oh, and a high concentration of phytonutrients (including chlorophyll), antioxidants, proteins, soluble fibre and numerous other health supportive compounds. We know what you’re thinking; it must taste ‘healthy’… aka not good. Wrong. This delicious and refreshing juice tastes as good as healthy feels. Try it for yourself!

Take a walk down Jurassic Park

Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. In fact, it’s educational.

Russell from Dinosaur Educational Kits makes awesome 3D dinosaur puzzles from craft wood. Choose your favourite dinosaur and colour, then try to piece the historic limbs together to re-create history.

Get sketched

Ever wanted to see what you’d look like as a cartoon? Visual artist Des sketches awesome caricatures live on-site. His talented creations combine gentle touches of humour for a fun yet life-like portrait to keep forever.

Relax and refresh with reflexology

Improve circulation, detox the body, increase vitality, enhance the body’s natural healing process, stimulate your system to work more efficient, reduce stress, balance the nervous system, and boost lymphatic function with reflexologist, Wendy Sugars.

Have a beer!

Yes, you read correctly. The Eumundi Brewery have a stall at the markets. Pick up your beer token or book your brewery tasting tour. 

Spoil a loved one

There are so many unique gift ideas at the Original Eumundi Markets; from impressive handmade jewellery, to natural and organic candles, funky artworks and signs, striking home wares and loads more.

Spoil yourself

Like we said, there are so many awesome goodies too good not to buy. So, treat yo self.

Get your palm read

If you are uncertain of your path ahead, have relationship or family issues or are unsure about your job, book in a session with Tracey Rhodes to discover greater clarity and purpose. Tracey is an exert in card reading, Egyptian Sound healing, liquid crystal/ star child directive consultations, liquid tree consultations and light language sessions.

Let your kids enjoy some tech-free fun

What type of childhood do you want your children to look back on? Chances are a childhood spent on a device isn’t going to be very memorable. Go back to basics and get your kids some good old-fashioned toys. Eumundi Kids have it covered. Think chalk mats, marble mazes, balloon balls, memory cloth cards, cuddle cushions and more.

Deck out your dog

Dog bandanas are a thing, and we’re in love. Pam Fisher Pet Gear has everything you need to turn your pooch into a style icon.

Beaut-ify your home 

The talented craftsmanship and quality materials make the selection of home wares at the Original Eumundi Markets out of this world. Even Kmart can’t compete with that.

Get a tattoo!

Temporary tattoo, that is. Divine Henna Design uses 100% natural, organic henna to create contemporary combined with traditional designs from India to North Africa and everywhere in between.

Get a feather twisted into your hair

Searching for a new hairstyle? Look to the sky for some inspiration and pluck a feather into your new do. All feathers from Bamboo Feather are sourced locally and ethically making these feathery accessories funky yet animal-friendly.

Watch stones transform into animals

Our crazy talented friend Hans, from Unique Stone Art, hand-paints tiny stones live on-site to become the cutest little animals.

Go back in time

Turns out, there is such a thing as a time machine! Step into Frozen in Time Gallery and see what life was like centuries ago.

Go on an art gallery tour

There are so many talented artists at the Original Eumundi Markets showcasing their works. Browse through the contemporary fine art at Kookaburra Coppa, enjoy the vibrant characters at Kerry Ide Illustration, get lost in the tropical blues at Sarah CK Art, admire the geometric and modern art at Studio Cockatoo, have a laugh at Larrikin Signs and more.

Pet a dog

If your ideal weekend involves dogs, read on. The Original Eumundi Markets are pet-friendly so you’re sure to spot some of the cutest market-goers.

Get a selfie with the Original Eumundi Markets sign

Did you even go to the Original Eumundi Markets if you didn’t get photographic proof?

Learn about Japanese Bonsai

If there is something you need to know about Japanese Bonsai, Michael from Simply Japanese Bonsai is the man to see.

With more than 30 years experience, Michael is a specialist when it comes to the enchanting tree.

He offers one-on-one classes, tree servicing, group demonstrations, as well as Japanese garden design and construction. Oh, and he sells a wide range of tree’s too!

Amp up your magnesium

Magnesium is an essential nutrient used by every organ. It’s vital for heart health, insulin levels, cognitive functioning and the lymphatic system as well as a great solution for headaches/migraines, insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, PMT, muscle pain and more. Have we got your attention?

Even if you are consuming your daily quota - sugar, alcohol, coffee, and even exercise can lessen your body’s magnesium uptake.

Enter: Amazing Oils. The amazing range is all about magnesium. Think organic sprays, refills, gel roll-ons and bath flakes.

Get a haircut

Pop into Cazz Cut It and get your hair done amongst the buttress roots of Eumundi’s famous fig trees. Cazz can cut and style male and female locks of all ages - no appointment necessary.

Smell some delicious candles

Does anyone else do that?

Eat your way around the world

Seriously. No two food stalls are the same. From German Sausage Hut to Brazilian Tapioca, Hungarian Langos, Ii-Naa Japanese, Pipi Cucu Empanadas, Plaza Mexicana, The French House Crepes, Turkish Pide and Kebab, and loads more. Indulge in a culture-enriched tour of flavours around the globe.

Update your wardrobe

If you’re not a fan of mainstream clothing brands, find something handmade and truly unique at the Original Eumundi Markets. You’ll find retro surfer apparel at Lone Wolf, indigenous-inspired and eco-friendly fabrics at Global Vibe, boho-chic frocks at Praire Moon, timeless vintage pieces at Butterscotch Castle and so much more.


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