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6 Ways To Cure A Sweet Tooth



Treat yo self and enjoy one of these delicious sweets from the Original Eumundi Markets, guilt-free!

How to cure a sweet tooth:

Step 1: eat plenty of protein to keen you feeling fuller for longer.

Step 2: drink a cup of water before meals.

Step 3: set aside one day a week to indulge guilt-free.

Turns out going cold turkey on the S word is unpractical and 9 times out of 10 will result in the exact opposite: a sugary binge.

So, treat yo self and enjoy one of these delicious sweets from the Original Eumundi Markets, guilt-free!

Lucky they’re only open two days a week, am I right?

Sweet Floz Churros 

What do you get when a bunch of breadsticks dare to dream? One word: churros.

Our pals at Sweet Floz Churros make dreams happen with their delicious Spanish doughnuts cooked onsite, the traditional way using fresh dough.

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Sweet Floz Churros are then rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with your choice of homemade warm dark chocolate sauce, ginger syrup or Dulce De Leche.

One word: drool.

Brazilian Tapioca

Tapio-huh? It’s called tapioca and it’s a starch extracted from cassava root, native to northern Brazil.

You might have tasted it in a bowl of tapioca pudding or spotted it floating around those sweet Asian bubble teas. (Yep, those big chewy balls are tapioca).

Well, the crew at Brazilian Tapioca have another type of tapioca using tapioca flour, and it’s our favourite kind yet.

Think of a thin bread-like wrap (naturally gluten-free, FYI) folded with all your favourite fillings inside.

While their savoury options are pure #lunchgoals, their sweet fillings win our heart.

Choose your favourite sweets such as banana, strawberry, Nutella, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon.

Just to make things sweeter, Brazilian Tapioca are healthy.

Known to lower blood sugar levels after meals, reduce inflammation and harmful bacteria in the gut, improve glucose and insulin metabolism and increase fullness.

Fudge Puddles

Handmade fudge. Need we say more?

The flavours say it all.

Think salted caramel, mint, Turkish delight, Irish cream, passionfruit and white chocolate.

Each and every Fudge Puddle is locally handmade the traditional way fudge should be.

Enough said.


From the streets of Hungry to the markets of Eumundi, these loaded Langos definitely won’t leave you hungry.

The deliciousness starts off with yeast dough fried in rice bran oil to get a hot and crispy base.

Then the fun starts.

Topped with your favourite sweets such as Nutella, banana, apple sauce, cinnamon and strawberry jam.

There are savoury options too, but they had us at Nutella.

Miss Fluffy Soft-Serve Ice-Cream 

Enter all the ice cream emojis here.

Let’s face it, you’re never too old to lick a soft-serve ice-cream melting down onto your hands.

Miss Fluffy whips up the tastiest of treats for all ages.

From the traditional soft serve twirled to perfection to fruity ice cream made with fresh Queensland fruit. You can’t go wrong with a serving from Miss Fluffy.

Sunray Strawberries 

Support strawberry farmers and cure sweet carvings all in one hit. What could be better?

A lot, actually.

Strawberries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Meaning?

They improve heart health, support the immune system, aid weight loss, help blood sugar regulation and many more health benefits.

Oh, and they taste super sweet in a sundae, milkshake, baked goods or on their own.

There’s a lot to love about the heart shaped fruit.


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