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7 Drool-Worthy Bites At The Original Eumundi Markets


Food. Market food. Original Eumundi Market food. 

Now have we got your attention? Good. Because the information we’re about to serve up is solely for the people who take food seriously. The real foodies who put flavour first. 

So, here it goes. Introducing 7 drool-worthy bites at the Original Eumundi Markets your taste buds need to meet, stat.

1.Fudge Puddles.

Didn’t choose the fudge life, the fudge life chose you? We get it. Live your best life with Fudge Puddles. The head fudgers behind Fudge Puddles hand-make each batch of creamy goodness the traditional way. Think silky smooth blocks of salted caramel, chilli choc, cashew nut crunch, rocky road, orange marmalade, white chocolate with fresh passionfruit… are you drooling yet?

2.German Sausage Hut.

There are some foods so good, they’re worth dressing up for the occasion. German sausages are one of those foods. Pull out your best lederhosen and head to the German Sausage Hut for genuine bratwurst, frankfurter, cheese-kransky or debreciner straight from the grill. All the meaty goodness is then packed into a freshly baked roll topped with sauerkraut refined from an authentic German recipe, as well as German mustard and/or tomato sauce. 

3.Old Fashioned Baked Treats.

Ever wondered why the ingredients list on a packet of cookies is written in some strange Pig Latin? News flash: it’s plain English. Sadly, the home-baked classic is now full of weird and not-so wonderful ‘ingredients.’ Bringing back the good ol’ flavours of grandmas kitchen, Old Fashioned Baked Treats have all the classics including vanilla cream melting moments, chocolate brownies, salted caramel macrons and more. Baked the way they should be, with zero preservatives or other nasties. So, unless you enjoy consuming emulsifiers and hydrogenated vegetable fat (didn’t think so), go back to basics and eat real food. Really good food.

4.The Gourmet Potato

Who would’ve thought the humble spud could be so gourmet? Thanks to fellow carb-lovers at The Gourmet Potato, they’re bringing jacket potatoes back… and they don’t stop at butter, cheese and sour-cream. Now you can have the beloved spud loaded with curry, chilli con carne, bolognese, baked beans, bacon, tuna or the classic style oozing with butter and cheese, then topped with dry slaw, sour cream and chives. How fancy is that

5.The French House Crepes

Foodies and France go together like croissants and coffee. Unfortunately, the meat pie is the closest thing to a pastry you’ll find in the land down under… unless, you’re at Eumundi. That’s right, say bonjour to The French House Crepes. Head chef Eric makes the ultimate drool-worthy traditional French crepes, as well as croissants, pain au chocolat, apple turnover and almond croissants. Merci Eric, merci.

6.The World Famous Gozleme

Excuse our Turkish, but oh my gozleme. Mehmet and Cemre at The World Famous Gozleme make traditional Turkish gozleme and they are seriously drool and Insta-worthy. Under a bed of melted butter, fresh greens and a squeeze of lemon juice lies the main event. Choose between spinach and cheese gozleme, beef, spinach and cheese or chicken, spinach and cheese. The best part? All of Mehmet and Cemre’s gozleme’s are free from sugar, nuts, preservatives and yeast. Oh, and Mehmet also makes a killer baklava - the perfect dessert to finish off your Turkish feast. Drool.

7.Pipi Cucu Empanadas

Argentinean cuisine is the newbie on the chopping block. And when it comes to Argentinean cuisine, you can’t go past empanada. Enter: Pipi Cucu Empanadas.

These little pockets of hand rolled pasty are stuffed with all kinds of flavoursome goodness. You’ll find the likes of carne (beef), pollo (chicken) or jamon y queso (ham and cheese) inside the traditional empanadas, or try the modern Australian influence of blue cheese or celery and pecan. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Pipi Cucu’s sweet infusion of dulce de leche (caramel) is the icing on the Argentinean cake.


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