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Humans of Eumundi - Andrea Hogg


Time. We don't know how important it is until we can't get it back.

Andrea Hogg met her best friend Thea when she was eight. Thea was in her late 60s.

The duo might not have had the longest amount of time together, but the moments they shared influenced Andrea’s life in ways she is forever grateful.

“We played endless board games, had wonderful tea parties with the most exquisite tea sets which were always displayed on a lovely trolley with handmade doilies,” Andrea reminisces.

“We walked to the local duckpond to sit in the sun and feed the ducks. Anytime I jumped the fence to visit she would have a scone or bickie ready for me, I was so lucky to share time with her.”

When was the last quality time you spent with a loved one?

No iPhones, TV screens, emails or social media. Just quality time together.

Unfortunately, modern day distractions are taking away our time, without us even knowing.

Thanks to a very special friend, Andrea understood the importance of quality time from the age of eight. And her life has been nothing short of magic since, with fairy dust on top.

Today Andrea juggles her time between the people she loves and the things she loves doing.

As the talented hands behind Naturally Kin Kin, Andrea hand makes all kinds of magical creations from polymer clay. From fairy houses to glow mushrooms, fairy doors and windows, stepping stones, tea party tables with mushroom seats, cupcake trees, wishing wells, unicorns, bird baths and lady bug swings, Andrea said she simply adores connecting with little peoples imaginations.

“I always take the time to listen to the stories the children tell me and I think that fuels my own creative imagination,” Andrea said.

Another source of inspiration for Andrea’s creations comes from her buffice. (Bus + office).

That’s right, Andrea spends her time working inside a charming double decker bus in the backyard of her Kin Kin property.

She first laid eyes on the bus by complete coincidence on a camping trip with her husband Dean and son Matt.

“We packed up early after a terrible storm and took a backroad home,” she explained.

“We just happened to drive through a little town we instantly fell in love with. I spotted an abandoned double decker bus in a paddock and I declared that this was where we should live, and that was that. Kin Kin became our home and we have lived here for 16 years.

“Oh, and that double decker bus became available for sale years later. It was meant to be!”

Andrea and Dean had travelled all around Australia before finding the place to call home in Kin Kin.

In fact, their ‘honeymoon’ in 1997 turned into a two year venture around Australia with the couple finally returning home to Redcliffe in 1999 highly pregnant!

“We had the time of our lives and found a love and deep connection with nature, the outdoors and most importantly each other,” she said.

“I believe that time alone was the most incredible beginning to a life together. We just had space that wasn't filled with pressures from society to be anywhere, anything or anyone.

“Until that point in my life I had never thought about living outside of a city, but that soon changed.

“My love for nature has deepened over the years and I prefer to spend my time outdoors in the bush or at the beach.”

“I still wake up each day loving it as much as the first day we set foot on our property. I love growing my own food in the garden. I feel a sense of deep satisfaction when I serve a meal for my family that I grew just a few metres away from where we sit to eat, you just cant get any fresher than that!

“The slow life is one that we have always loved. We have learnt to live very simply over the years and don't desire lots of ‘things.’”

Because when it comes to the ‘things’ that truly matter, there’s nothing quite like time. Quality time with loved ones, nature and doing the things that make you smile.

It’s simple really.

How do you spend your time?


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