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Humans of Eumundi - David Gow


Remember that dream you had before life took off in another direction? 

You’re not alone.

Babies, work, and life in general, can change our path - but it doesn’t mean giving up on a dream.

Meet Adrienne and David, otherwise known as Mr. and Mrs. Bowtie.

Adrienne and David are the husband and wife duo behind AusWood Bow Ties and it’s been one colourful journey to tie the knot on their dream business.

The idea to make handcrafted wooden bow ties goes all the way back to 1990.

Just as no good story starts with a salad, Adrienne said the idea came after many glasses of red wine in Japan with a Frenchman named Christian, who went onto becoming their wooden bow tie agent.

“Using recycled Rimu timber from around New Zealand, we produced the very first handmade wooden bow ties,” Adrienne and David said.

“We supplied Christian with the bow ties for well over a year until the pressures of raising a young family got in the way and we ceased production.”

With five children themselves, Adrienne and David’s lives were busy too.

26 years on and with their children all grown up, something special happened.

It was the 20th of February 2006 - their daughter's wedding day.

A special day on its own right celebrating their daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law Dan tie the knot.

Little did they know another special surprise was waiting at the altar.

“We arrived at the ceremony to find Dan wearing one of the original bow ties as a surprise for us,” Adrienne said.

“We were blown away as we had no idea they'd found it in some furniture we'd left them and they kept it a very close secret.

“Dan has very keen sense of fashion and teamed with a brown belt and shoes, he looked very on trend.”

Adrienne and David said Dan’s choice of neck-wear sparked a lot of interest throughout the rest of the reception.

“Seeing the tie again and having just had my hours cut down at work, we decided to give it another go,” Adrienne said.

And just like that, the passion for wearable art came flooding back.

“David and I have always worked well together. We’ve owned two motels, a hotel, two cafés, and a catering business - so the production of our wooden bow ties is seamless,” Adrienne said.

Isn’t it funny how things work out?

Every chapter of this journey we call life is a lesson. It’s up to you to make the dreams happen, no matter how long it takes.

Adrienne and David say the best advice they can give others wanting to pursue a lifelong dream is “to go for it and believe in yourself.”

“We love the amazing and diverse natural beauty of the gorgeous timber and meeting the wonderful people who share our passion and purchase our wearable work of art.”

Is it time to pursue your true passion?


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