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Spotlight On Sustainability


Spotlight on Sustainability: With John and Lynne Morton from Eumundi Juice

The planet needs our help.

On estimate, more than 81 million kilograms of plastic waste is polluted into the ocean each year. Our beautiful coral reefs are smothered in plastic bags, sea turtles are choking on straws, and fish and seabirds are starving because their bellies are full of plastic and they can’t eat real food. 

Not only are our sea creatures suffering, but the future for human health and food security is in danger.

Every plastic bag, straw, bottle and container adds up.

Here at the Original Eumundi Markets, we’re working with the community for a greener future.

We had a chat with John and Lynne Morton from Eumundi Fresh Juice to see what they’re doing for the environment, and how you can join in.

What steps do you take to reduce your plastic use?

J & L: We have stopped selling bottled water in our shop. We only use compostable packaging, as well as wooden spoons. We also use paper drinking straws.

What tips do you have for other people who would like to make positive changes towards the environment?

J & L: We suggest people don't buy bottled water, carry a water bottle and refill it with perfectly drinkable tap water.

When food shopping, don't use plastic produce bags. Either take reusable lightweight produce bags or just put the loose items in the trolley.

Stop using cling wrap and use the wonderful Bee Eco Wraps from Mat at the Markets.

Wherever possible, avoid packaged produce and buy loose.

Ensure you recycle everything possible. This includes soft plastics, which can be recycled through the RedCycle programme with most Woolworth stores having collection points.

Why are you so passionate about making eco-friendly choices?

J & L: It scares us just how much plastic is used daily in almost every sphere of our lives. So much of this ends up in our oceans where it is ingested by sea creatures and often ends up killing them.

So much plastic ends up in landfill where it will never breakdown - only breaking up into micro plastics, which are then ingested by animals and birds, and also contaminating our ground water.

Ultimately the human population ends up ingesting micro plastics through eating fish, and also through the water supply (even bottled water!).


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