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Figured Out Families is the sentimental and creative brain child of Eumundi locals Jeff and Sue Tickner.

It originated when the family were sitting around the dinner table discussing what their family motto might be. One thing lead to another and before they knew it, they had created an idea for a meaningful family figurine that represented each member (including their pets) which could be displayed in their home. It wasn't long before other family and friends were requesting their own 'Figured Out Families' as keepsakes and gifts!

Figured Out Families figurines are a sentimental and unique home decor item. You can assemble your family, group of friends or colleagues to create a beautiful memento that captures the special people or moments in your life.

An ideal gift for milestone moments such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings or simply to decorate a special place in your home.

You choose from the vast range of wooden figures that represent your hobbies, sporting interests, personality or passion in life. We then add them to your selected wooden engraved base. And rest assured, if things change, as can happen in life - the pieces are all interchangeable! The families are compact and easy to mail or fit into your suitcase if you are travelling.

A touching memento for yourself or someone special - because every family is a collection of wonderfully rare individuals, that join together to drum their story.

Figured Out Families - from our family to yours ...

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