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On 2nd Railway Ave

On 2nd Railway Ave

Hand painted quality glassware painted locally and posted throughout Australia.

George paints brightly coloured funky designs that leave the glasses colour coded so you always 'know' your glass.

George's Eureka moment came in 1998 in Cairns when he discovered the refractive quality of shot glasses when painted on the base. This technique is now his original “thing”.He has experimented with techniques using the optical effects and shapes of the glass to assist in his designs.

George now paints up to eight different colours in his stemware range and also multi-coloured cosmic abstract designs on shot glasses and whisky/water glasses.

His most popular glasses are the 340ml and 245ml white wineglasses featuring his original starfish and heart.If you look through the top of the wine glass, you see through to a little heart that's been painted on the base.

Other glasses in his range are a large 580ml red/bucket, tall 170ml flutes, and martini/margarita glasses.

Contact George via phone 0477 298 221.

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