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On 1st Railway Ave

On 1st Railway Ave

Add beauty and character to your home or workplace with these unique slate vases handmade locally with love by Mary.

These ingenious vases are based on an ancient Japanese style of flower arranging called ikebana (ick-ee-bahna) meaning "flower kept alive". Simply fill the vase with water and arrange stem of flower onto spikes to recreate the natural expression of the beauty of nature. For indoor or outdoor use.

Your flowers typically last longer in our vases, as they are no longer 'drowning' in excess water that causes the stems to go slimy and rot. (as occurs in the taller 'cup-style' vases used most often today). The ample reservoir in Slate Ikebana Vases supplies sufficient water, which is drawn directly into the pierced stem. Simply replenish the water as needed over time... Happier flowers! Happy you!

They are wonderful, unique 'one of a kind' gifts for your loved ones, and are functional works of art.

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